Arturo PU7320 Sealer

for Self-smoothing Floors and Resin Screed (2‑C, PU, satin).


Arturo PU7320 Sealer is a 2-component, water borne, transparent, satin, polyurethane resin-based top coat.

  • Application
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Suitable for use as a transparent, satin, wear-resistant, UV-stable finish on Arturo Self-smoothing Floors for light-duty usage.

Arturo PU7320 Sealer is intended for use as a finishing for:

  • Arturo EP2500 Self-smoothing Floor
  • Arturo PU2030 Self-smoothing Floor
    (Only in combination with Arturo PU7750 Sealer as first layer)
  • Arturo PU2060 Self-smoothing Floor
  • Arturo EP1000 Resin Screed
  • Arturo EP1200 Resin Screed
  • Arturo EP1250 Resin Screed
    (All Resin Screed only in combination with Arturo EP7950 Sealer)