Arturo EP1000 Resin Screed

Resin floor with mineral additives (3‑C, EP).


Arturo EP1000 Resin Screed is a 3-component, solvent-free, epoxy resin-based floor finishing (5-12 mm) with mineral additives, available in various colours. 

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Suitable for use as a durable, seamless finish on cement‑ and plaster‑bonded substrates and tile floors. Arturo EP1000 Resin Screed is intended for use as a floor finishing in industrial buildings, abattoirs, kitchens, workshops and locations where high demands are placed on floors in terms oftheir mechanical load‑bearing capacity, chemical resistance and hygiene. Skirting and upstands can also be clad using Arturo EP1000 Resin Screed.