Building Type: Commercial Construction
Pad: Self-smoothing Floor, Sealer
Country: International

Area Square, Tower Bridge London, United Kingdom

Arturo products were used to create a bespoke floor at the commercial offices at Area Square, Tower Bridge, London. 
A unique floor can determine the atmosphere of a room or workplace so the client required a customised floor to showcase their new office refurbishment. The use of chique motion one of the concrete looks from the Arturo Colour Collection was installed over 80 square metres of office space to provide a distinct look.
3D Royal Floors chose to use a Arturo resin systems as Arturo specialise in unique design flooring and offer clients a variety of inspiring floors through the Arturo Colour Collection.

3D Royal Floors first installed UZIN RR21 underlay over the substrate followed by a coat of Arturo EP6950 primer. Two colour pigments of Arturo PU 2060 self-smoothing floor were then used to create the concentre look effect. Once dry the resin was coated with Arturo PU7320 satin sealer to provide a highly wear resistant and durable finish.  

Construction Information:
Project/location: Area Square, Tower Bridge London, United Kingdom

Floor Layer: 3D Royal Floors

Flooring System: Underlay Softlay 21, Arturo EP6950 Primer, Uzin KR410, Arturo PU2060 Self-Smoothing Floor and Arturo PU7320 Sealer

Colour: Chique Motion, concrete look from the Arturo Color Collection

Project size: 81 m2

Completed: On the 1st June 2016